Yosemite Part 2

The next couple days on our hike were really cool. I saw big meadows, a huge waterfall, and had a really great view of Half Dome.

Goooood morning! Day 3 in Yosemite begins.

Goodbye Evelyn Lake, you sure were pretty.

A big meadow with lots of wildflowers just after Evelyn Lake. It was really cold up there... this was probably our highest altitude of the hike. I saw lots of deer, and marmots! I had never seen a marmot before... they look like a big, fat, overfed squirrel.

BIG waterfall... it looked like Yosemite had lots of rainfall this year.

I had an awesome view of Merced Lake and Half Dome on the way down to Echo Valley.

Mimi wanted ME to climb THIS?! It was a whooooole lot bigger up close than I thought.



My, what big trees you have!

So I began my two week long adventure, hopping around from one National Park to another.

My first, and “biggest” stop on the trip: Sequoia National Park – known as The Land of Giants. And boy they weren’t kidding – these trees are the worlds largest. Wait till’ you see what I found!

Almost to the big trees!

This is Sherman Tree - the largest!

I always thought I was a pretty decent sized bunny... until now.

Sitting in a cross section of a giant sequoia.

At the end of the Sherman Tree Trail, I saw a BEAR! A BIG, MEAN, MAN EATING BEAR! Okay, okay - he was a tiny, cute, harmless little black bear. But still, pretty cool?!

I could see Kings Canyon National Park from Sequoia.

Next stop, Yosemite!

Bunny in a Kayak.

Today, I went kayaking at Canyon Lake.

I passed through the Tonto National Forest, which wasn't really a forest at all... just a bunch of dirt and rocks.

Here it is! I had to take a long and treachurous road to get here, but boy was it worth it on a hot summer day.

This was just too easy... up next - whitewater kayaking!

On the way out, I drove through Tortilla Flats... so random...

... and SO creepy?!

Home again home again… le sigh.

Welp, I’m home again. Just me and my Mimi, kickin’ it at the parents house until they get home from Tahoe in November-ish. Mimi keeps saying how much she loves living here rent free in this nice little remodel, but I just don’t get it. I miss Tahoe. I miss the 80 degree weather. I miss the free food. I miss the sleeping in. I miss just being a lazy bunny. Now, Mimi wakes my bunny butt up reeeeeeal early. 6am early! We go to the barn, we run errand after errand, blah blah blah. Then she goes home and just burrows her face in her computer screen doing whatever she does… making websites or some stupid junk, I’m not totally positive. At least my fluffy nugget of a friend Maggie May keeps me company.

Older women seem to be my style.

Nature Bunny. Round 2.

I went hiking again today with my Mimi. We did a new hike… it’s just below where we hiked last time. But this time, we went allllll the way down to the bottom of Emerald Bay, and back up again! My little bunny feet were real tired this time. Check out the things I saw!

The Emerald Bay hike takes us down to the shoreline, as well as Vikingsholm - a 38 room Scandinavian mansion at the bottom of the bay.

It was really windy at the top. Way out there in the middle of the bay is Fannette Island - the only island in Lake Tahoe.

After a short, but very steep hike down, we made it to the bottom... do you see the island out there? It can only be reached by boat or swimming, neither of which I wanted to do.

Also at the end of the hike, I found the bottom of Eagle Falls. These come down all the way from Eagle Lake.

Vikingsholm was so... random?

38 rooms?! The lady who built this house must have been crazy... and maybe a little rich. I don't get how this house could have been so easily accesible back when she built it in 1929.

All done. My bunny butt better be nice and firm now from all that work back up. Bye bye Emerald Bay.

Nature Bunny.

Today, I went on a hike with Mimi. We went above Emerald Bay on the West Shore to Eagle Falls and on up to Eagle Lake. I survived!

Eagle Falls on the way up.

Halfway to Eagle Lake, I could see Emerald Bay!

I fell. Once.

I made a friend. SQUIRREL!

I made it! Taking some time to reflect on my jaunt.

You can call me Bear Grylls if you'd like... do you think that's his real name? Maybe I can change mine to Bunny Grylls.

Eagls Falls on the way down. It was a great hike and a good day.