It's almost time!

I’m finally home from vacation, and I just realized… Halloween is only a month away! Do you know what that means? This bunny needs to start pickin’ out a costume!

I have lots and lots of ideas, maybe too many… that’s why I need your help deciding – pick me a winner!

Don’t see one you love? Leave me a comment to suggest another… remember, I’m slightly self conscious, so keep it classy.


Big Thunder Bunny

A bittersweet day … it was the last of my two week vacation. But I finished with a bang – at the most magical place on earth. I went on my first roller coaster, and even videoed it! I also ate Mickey Mouse pancakes and met a guy named Goofy.

Pirates of the Haribbean! I mean... Caribbean? This ride was fun, but a little too musty for Bunny.

I got soaked on Splash Mountain. The critters inside were ... creepy ...

My favorite ... the wildest ride in the wilderness! - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Check out my video below!

I was tired after my roller coaster ride, so I thought I'd make some new friends. This is Goofy, and he had a funny laugh.

These two made it all happen... thanks for a good time dudes. I'll be back... for now, it's back to the real world. But no worries, there will be lots of adventures in the next week. I have important things to do and see. Like shopping for my Halloween costume!


Highway 1

Sequioa, Yosemite, and Redwoods were all great… but I was ready for some civilization and a shower. The drive down Highway 1 was incredible. I had never been so close to the ocean before, so this was a real treat. We drove all the way to Monterey Bay, spent the night, and woke up the next morning to go to the aquarium.

BEACH! My very first time. My bunny butt was sandy, but it didn't matter.

While driving through Leggett, CA, I thought it'd be cool to stop and drive through a tree... for $5? Not so much. Pass.

So pretty!

Here I am at the entrance to the aquarium.

Jellyfish! They looked like squishy glow sticks.

I found NEMO! He was camera shy, so he hid in the coral. Dory was in there too... she was a little more outgoing. See her? She's the little blue, black, and yellow fishy swimming at the top right.

Our conversation was short, but he was nice.

Everyone at the aquarium was really nice. Except this guy.

I’ll definitely be coming back to this place. Up next: DISNEYLAND!!!!!

Redwood National Forest

After 6 long, wonderful days in Yosemite, I was ready for a REAL meal. So, we spent the night in Sacramento before heading on over to the coast, and ate a wonderfully delicious meal at this place I saw on Man vs. Food. The next morning, we drove to Redwoods, set up camp, then went exploring.

Ah, a real meal. Jim Denny's Hamburgers in Sacramento, California... oddly known for their pancakes? Weird or not, this was one happy bunny.

A view of the whole forest.

I thought the trees in Sequoia were tall... check these ones out!

Welcome to Fern Canyon - a lush, narrow canyon walled with all types of fern. This was near the Praire Creek Campground at the beach. The coolest part of this whole place? Parts of Jurassic Park 2 were filmed here!

After a long day, I decided to make dinner for everyone... my specialty: chicken teriyaki. 1 of 5 prepackaged meal options for the entire trip. My second favorite? Mac n' cheese.

Tomorrow: drive down to the coast on Highway 1 all the way to Monterey Bay, where I get to go to an aquarium! My very first!

Yosemite Part 3

We spent our 5th and final night at the base of Half Dome. We woke up at 3am to hike the 3.5 miles to the top… in the dark. I was a scared little bunny. Anyone ever seen Blair Witch Project? Yeah, just like that. Imagine… me and my little headlamp, and a whole lotta dark forest. Worth it? – yes.

I made it! This bunny was at 8,842 feet.

Me and Mimi waiting for sunrise.

Looking down? A big mistake.

Well worth the wait.

Well worth the wait.

When I was scared, she held my hand.

When I was scared, she held my hand.

I was all the way up there! ... Half Dome: conquered. Farewell to the biggest granite beast I've ever seen.

I was all the way up there! ... Half Dome: conquered. Farewell to the biggest granite beast I've ever seen.

After the Half Dome hike, we made our way down the Mist Trail back to our car at Curry Village. We passed lots of waterfalls on the way down. What’s next? Redwood National Forest!

Yosemite Part 2

The next couple days on our hike were really cool. I saw big meadows, a huge waterfall, and had a really great view of Half Dome.

Goooood morning! Day 3 in Yosemite begins.

Goodbye Evelyn Lake, you sure were pretty.

A big meadow with lots of wildflowers just after Evelyn Lake. It was really cold up there... this was probably our highest altitude of the hike. I saw lots of deer, and marmots! I had never seen a marmot before... they look like a big, fat, overfed squirrel.

BIG waterfall... it looked like Yosemite had lots of rainfall this year.

I had an awesome view of Merced Lake and Half Dome on the way down to Echo Valley.

Mimi wanted ME to climb THIS?! It was a whooooole lot bigger up close than I thought.


Yosemite Part 1

These photos are from days 1 and 3 in Yosemite. When we arrived, we did a little sight seeing on the valley floor, then made our way to the backpackers camp where we set up tent for the night. We woke up real early the next morning to catch a bus up to Tuolomne Meadows, where we began our 5 day hike in the backcountry!

Entrance to Yosemite - you can see El Capitan on the left, Half Dome in the middle, and Bridal Veil Falls on the right.

We pulled over at Bridal Veil Falls to get a closer look.

I found Bambi in the parking lot at Curry Village.

The next morning: I really didn't have to hike much... usually I just hitched a ride in my Mimi's backpack. She was nice to let me come along.

About three miles out of Tuolomne Meadows. The river was so pretty, some parts of it even looked kinda tropical!

After 7 miles, we reached the last "uppety" part of the hike... then on down to Evelyn Lake, where we spent the night.

Evelyn Lake is off in the distance just below that mountain, but here is where we set up camp.

mmm teriyaki chicken for dinner! Wasn't too bad for a freeze dried meal.

It was a long day. night night!

All in all, a solid first two days. Probably the most difficult day of the whole 5 day hike was the second… we brought too much food, and couldn’t get the bear canister to close. Was also raining while we set up tent. Oh… and Mommy woke up in the middle of the night to what she thought was a bear. Not so much – just a permit tag swaying in the wind on the side of the tent. Silly Mimi.

My, what big trees you have!

So I began my two week long adventure, hopping around from one National Park to another.

My first, and “biggest” stop on the trip: Sequoia National Park – known as The Land of Giants. And boy they weren’t kidding – these trees are the worlds largest. Wait till’ you see what I found!

Almost to the big trees!

This is Sherman Tree - the largest!

I always thought I was a pretty decent sized bunny... until now.

Sitting in a cross section of a giant sequoia.

At the end of the Sherman Tree Trail, I saw a BEAR! A BIG, MEAN, MAN EATING BEAR! Okay, okay - he was a tiny, cute, harmless little black bear. But still, pretty cool?!

I could see Kings Canyon National Park from Sequoia.

Next stop, Yosemite!