The Fast and Furious Bunny

Check out my latest action film – The Fast and Furious Bunny. I play an undercover cop drifting through the Lake Tahoe woods in hopes of busting an underground ring of kayak hijackers.


Nature Bunny. Round 2.

I went hiking again today with my Mimi. We did a new hike… it’s just below where we hiked last time. But this time, we went allllll the way down to the bottom of Emerald Bay, and back up again! My little bunny feet were real tired this time. Check out the things I saw!

The Emerald Bay hike takes us down to the shoreline, as well as Vikingsholm - a 38 room Scandinavian mansion at the bottom of the bay.

It was really windy at the top. Way out there in the middle of the bay is Fannette Island - the only island in Lake Tahoe.

After a short, but very steep hike down, we made it to the bottom... do you see the island out there? It can only be reached by boat or swimming, neither of which I wanted to do.

Also at the end of the hike, I found the bottom of Eagle Falls. These come down all the way from Eagle Lake.

Vikingsholm was so... random?

38 rooms?! The lady who built this house must have been crazy... and maybe a little rich. I don't get how this house could have been so easily accesible back when she built it in 1929.

All done. My bunny butt better be nice and firm now from all that work back up. Bye bye Emerald Bay.

Nature Bunny.

Today, I went on a hike with Mimi. We went above Emerald Bay on the West Shore to Eagle Falls and on up to Eagle Lake. I survived!

Eagle Falls on the way up.

Halfway to Eagle Lake, I could see Emerald Bay!

I fell. Once.

I made a friend. SQUIRREL!

I made it! Taking some time to reflect on my jaunt.

You can call me Bear Grylls if you'd like... do you think that's his real name? Maybe I can change mine to Bunny Grylls.

Eagls Falls on the way down. It was a great hike and a good day.

The Beard… wasn’t so feared.

Tonight, I was a lucky bunny. I went to see the Giants play the Mets at AT&T park with my Mimi. I dressed up as my favorite player, #38 – The Beard. Mimi strapped me to a big sign that she held up during the game. I felt like a bearded bunny badass.

My first time at AT&T!

I saw this sweet Willie Mays tribute statue.

We had great seats.

Here I am on my sign that Mimi holds up!

Let's go Giants let's go!

See the Coke bottle and Mitt? They were HUGE! Too big for Bunny.

I made a friend named Adam. He was nice enough to hold me up real high on my sign so Wilson could see me!

I had been waiting all night for this - do you see the resemblance?

Wilson didn't do too well, so Bochy took him out... I gave him some pointers after the game. I still had lots of fun even though the Giants didn't win.

Blues Bunny 2011.

Today, I went to the first Tuesday Bluesday concert with the Maita Fam. This free concert is held at Squaw Valley every Tuesday in July and August with tons of super cool blues artists. This is the band I saw play:

The welcome banner... do you think they did this just for me?!

I was greeted with a Corona. Beer for Bunny!

The drummer invited me backstage!

All Aboard!

After a day in the city, I took the train back up to the cabin. What a ride!

Here I am at the Amtrak Station in Emeryville, which is just outside of Oakland. I took a bus from the city over to the station.

Here comes my train – the Zephyr #6. It goes all the way from the Bay Area to Chicago and back again.

I picked a good seat.

After the train started down the track, I roamed the different cars. There was a coach car, dining car, sleeper car, and the lounge car - where I am in this photo. The whole car was for sight seeing.

The train went by the Sacramento River down in the valley. I had really great views the whole way to Tahoe.

It was beautiful.

Right before we got to into the Tahoe area, I saw Donner Lake. There were so many different boats cruising around.

When I got off the train in Truckee, my Kiki was there to pick me up!

A Day in the City.

This weekend was awesome. I went to San Francisco for a couple nights, near where my Mimi grew up. I did tons of cool stuff! The first thing I did was dance with a street band. Check out my video!

Lombard Street - the windiest street in the world!

I got real dizzy real fast.

Later, I got to see the Bay Bridge. Such a beautiful day!

This is the Ferry Building, which is right near the Bay Bridge. There's lots of yummy in my bunny tummy food inside. My favorite is Cowgirl Creamery, where I picked out some cheeses to take back to the cabin.

At the end of Powell Street, you can ride a real San Fran cable car!

I finished the day with a trip to Union Square.