Bunny goes to Switzerland

Switzerland is BEAUTIFUL! I like it here, I saw lots of pretty architecture, and ate nummy food. Check it out!


Konijn – Danish for bunny!

First stop on the trip – Denmark! Denmark was such a beautiful, fun place to be. We left Phoenix, Arizona and flew to Denver, Colorado where we got on our big plane to Frankfurt, Germany. After arriving in Frankfurt, Mimi and I rented a car and drove up to Denmark to see some of her family. Click on the first image to scroll through my album!

Euro Bunny

Well guys, this is it. I will be on my way to Europe tomorrow morning for a little over two weeks! I’ll be busy hopping through Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and Italy. I can’t wait to share my adventures with you along the way – just don’t miss me too much though, okay? If you have any suggestions on nummy things to eat, or fun things to do, please comment and let me know. Ciao!