Eat at Joe’s

I can’t believe it’s taken me SO long to do a post about the BEST restaurant in the valley – Joe’s Farm Grill, located in Gilbert, Arizona. I’m back from my summer travels, and this was the place I missed the most. My favorite thing to get is a good old cheeseburger. But, decided I needed a change. Have a look! Even though it all looks delicious, try not to lick the screen. Gross.

Here it is!

I went early enough in the day, but on most nights the line is out the door and down the walkway.

See the TV screen? That’s Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives! He visited here a few years ago and sampled some of the goods too.

The restaurant is actually a house that was converted. The owner, Joe (duh), grew up here. Cool huh?

This is just so friggin’ awesome – BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, and mayo all dispensed from these sweet little tubes.

YUM. BBQ chicken pizza in my belly! Ugh it was so so delicious.

The grilled wedge salad was dang good too!

After grubbin’, I walked right over to a neighboring community garden.

Here, there are about 40 individual plots right between Joe’s and a neighborhood called Agritopia.

12 whole acres of community urban farming!

Crop after crop after crop!

So big and pretty.

I had NO idea this was how artichokes looked on the stem!

I love it here.

I urge anyone and everyone to give this place a shot. There’s so much to learn about Joe’s, the community farm, and Agritopia. Please please check it out, links are below. And P.S. – don’t leave without checkin’ out the bathrooms. You’ll be greatly entertained!

Joe’s Farm Grill
Community Garden


The Oregon Trail

Tahoe has been amazing, but it was soon time to head north to Florence, Oregon to visit some of Mimi’s family. On the way, I saw some super random towns and sights. Check it out!

Rough and Ready? Who names their town Rough and Ready? Random.

Smartsville?! You human folk are weeeeeird.

LAMA! I guess Tina from Napoleon Dynamite found a new home in Smartsville…

Half way there! – Mt. Shasta.

Bye bye big mountain.


There were lots and lots!

This is my Mimi’s Aunt’s garden… so my great aunt, I guess? She had lots of nummy things… EXCEPT FREAKIN’ CARROTS.

Huh. Purple asparagus. This stuff was pretty neat, because after you cook it – it turns green. Magical asparagus.

Isn’t it pretty?!