Yosemite Part 3

We spent our 5th and final night at the base of Half Dome. We woke up at 3am to hike the 3.5 miles to the top… in the dark. I was a scared little bunny. Anyone ever seen Blair Witch Project? Yeah, just like that. Imagine… me and my little headlamp, and a whole lotta dark forest. Worth it? – yes.

I made it! This bunny was at 8,842 feet.

Me and Mimi waiting for sunrise.

Looking down? A big mistake.

Well worth the wait.

Well worth the wait.

When I was scared, she held my hand.

When I was scared, she held my hand.

I was all the way up there! ... Half Dome: conquered. Farewell to the biggest granite beast I've ever seen.

I was all the way up there! ... Half Dome: conquered. Farewell to the biggest granite beast I've ever seen.

After the Half Dome hike, we made our way down the Mist Trail back to our car at Curry Village. We passed lots of waterfalls on the way down. What’s next? Redwood National Forest!


112 thoughts on “Yosemite Part 3

  1. What a great idea to hike early so you can catch the sunrise! I totally want to try this. I hiked Yosemite to Vernal Falls & Nevada Falls 2 months ago. I just finished my post about it if you want to check it out… It was so awesome!

  2. Hhahah best post ever. I have a moose I take travelling. Your bunny reminds me of Felix Travels the World, this German kids book about a Bunny or a Rabbit that sends postcards from his globe trotting.

  3. I absolutely adored this. It felt happy and peaceful to look at the pictures. You and your friend made the pics extra wonderful. 🙂

  4. I like this idea – taking your bunny with you. i just came back from Zurich with two – actually three new friends: a plate decorated with a Swiss boy, Ursly, a parrot and .. a surikata.. from the art museum… should post their photos on my blog.
    Bunnies bring luck you know..

    • Well glad you enjoyed it – your adventure sounds wonderful. Maybe I could go with next time? I’m easy to pack because I’m so tiny. Please post photos, would love to see. Thanks for hopping by. <3, Bunny

  5. Very cool. This reminds me of when my niece and nephew sent me Cat in The Hat and Flat Stanley (well colored drawings) and asked me to take them on a tour of where I live Denver area) and take pics. I sent the pics along with a letter so they could post on the bulletin board at their school. So, much fun. Be safe.

  6. Hey, my daughter was on the crew that built the trail up to Half Dome. They cut the stones for the steps from the granite on the mountain. They worked at the top, and spent a week at a time in camp. She had a great time! Glad you made it on that trail in the dark!

  7. Adorable concept and gorgeous shots! What a wonderful mix of whimsical, beautiful, and breathtaking. Someday I’ll get to Yosemite! Thanks so much for sharing, and congrats on being featured on freshly pressed!

  8. My dear! You’ve just brought back heartwarming memories from my early childhood.
    My aunt used to give me a moose stuffed with sand whenever I’d travel. I named that moose Elliot (very original yes?) and Elliot went with me to Florida, Chicago, Nova Scotia and Cuba. Mom would take pictures of him and me in various poses in various locations. Unfortunately, I took Elliot to school to show him off and he was kidnapped.
    My first devastation.
    But I have all his pictures in a scrapbook that I keep on my bookshelf. So that I can relive the memories ever so often.

    Thanks love for resurrecting that memory.

    • OH NO! Elliott as kidnapped?! how terrible… it sounds like a little Sherlock Bunny is in order. My Mimi took me to college, but I hid when she was out of the dorm so I wouldn’t get stolen. Here’s a toast to Elliott and his adventurous ways. So glad I could resurrect a fond memory for you. Love, Bunny.

  9. What a sweet idea; so glad you shared it. I think the Portuguese gentleman said something along the lines of you are living an abundant life, and you have a great companion to share it with…I don’t know. Using my high school Spanish to interpret Portuguese might not be the best. Mimi is a lucky girl to have a bunny like you.

    • Well I’m defintely a fan of the Portugese gentleman! I’ve picked up some Spanish from my fellow stuffed amigos, and I say the translation is just fine. Happy Trails, Victoria – and Mimi says thanks too. <3, Bunny.

  10. Awww…this reminds me of the time I took Flat Stanley to the Basketball Hall of Fame and other points of interest in Western MA for my mother-in-law’s elementary school. This is so creative and cute, although I would NEVER get that close to the edge of the cliff. In fact, I’m so scared of heights, I probably wouldn’t make it that far to begin with. Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously through you and bunny:)

    • Wow! Flat Stanley’s been to a lot places! I hope I can get back east soon for more adventures. I’m terrified of heights too, but had to do it. Thanks for checking me out. <3, Bunny.

  11. REALLY cute! Loved your pictures. The featured image is simply spectacular. And the pic with your hand in bunny’s hand is my favorite. 🙂

    Congrats for being on FP.

  12. Mimi is one lucky bunny, getting to travel, hike & blog like no other! 🙂
    Another reason why picture is worth a 1000 words. In this case, a million words. 🙂
    Good job with a wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing.
    I hike a lot myself but one place I have always wanted to hike (but which I haven’t done yet) is Yosemite. Hopefully sometime early next year. Thanks for the tip on hiking early to catch the sunrise. Keep blogging and safe travels!

    • I am a lucky bunny because I have a really nice mimi to take me everywhere she goes. Many happy and safe travels, hope you get to yosemite soon!! Love, Bunny and Mimi

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  14. I love your blog and this post. Yosemite is AMAZING! I’m thinking about doing this with my daughter since she has a stuffed animal she’s taken with her around the world. I LOVE this idea. Keep on travelling and having fun!

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