Bunny in a Kayak.

Today, I went kayaking at Canyon Lake.

I passed through the Tonto National Forest, which wasn't really a forest at all... just a bunch of dirt and rocks.

Here it is! I had to take a long and treachurous road to get here, but boy was it worth it on a hot summer day.

This was just too easy... up next - whitewater kayaking!

On the way out, I drove through Tortilla Flats... so random...

... and SO creepy?!


The Beard… wasn’t so feared.

Tonight, I was a lucky bunny. I went to see the Giants play the Mets at AT&T park with my Mimi. I dressed up as my favorite player, #38 – The Beard. Mimi strapped me to a big sign that she held up during the game. I felt like a bearded bunny badass.

My first time at AT&T!

I saw this sweet Willie Mays tribute statue.

We had great seats.

Here I am on my sign that Mimi holds up!

Let's go Giants let's go!

See the Coke bottle and Mitt? They were HUGE! Too big for Bunny.

I made a friend named Adam. He was nice enough to hold me up real high on my sign so Wilson could see me!

I had been waiting all night for this - do you see the resemblance?

Wilson didn't do too well, so Bochy took him out... I gave him some pointers after the game. I still had lots of fun even though the Giants didn't win.