The Tahitian Bunny

Were you all beginning to think I would never come back? I just returned home from my 11 month stay on the island. I am one lucky bunny!!!




Coniglio – Bunny, in Italian!

Bunny goes to Switzerland

Switzerland is BEAUTIFUL! I like it here, I saw lots of pretty architecture, and ate nummy food. Check it out!

Euro Bunny

Well guys, this is it. I will be on my way to Europe tomorrow morning for a little over two weeks! I’ll be busy hopping through Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and Italy. I can’t wait to share my adventures with you along the way – just don’t miss me too much though, okay? If you have any suggestions on nummy things to eat, or fun things to do, please comment and let me know. Ciao!


A Sticky 4th of July

I had an awesome 4th. Did you? Tell me what you did!

I went to the beach. This was my flair for the day. It was really spinny in the wind.

Friends! They were so cute.

Gettin’ my tan on.

I took my friend Barbie’s boat out for a spin.

Tahoe Vice, baby.

After the beach, I headed over to one of my favorite restaurants on the lake – Garwoods.

Thank goodness the 4th fell on my favorite day of the week.

This is the pier at Garwoods. So pretty.

It’s a good thing I walked.

Wet Woody Wednesday, here I come!

Numbero uno.



Tres and done.

I took a really long nap after my afternoon at Garwoods, I don’t know why I was so tired. I totally skipped dinner and went straight for the goods.


Perfectly crispy, just the way this bunny digs it.

Nom nom nom.

Happy sticky 4th of July to all!


Zzzzz ...

BEST sleep of my life. Dang, why do I feel so awesomely well rested?

It's JANUARY?! ... 11TH?!

OMG! I hibernated ALREADY?! I missed CHRISTMAS?! HANUKKAH?! KWANZA?! It’s all gone! Can’t believe I slept for so long!

Well, hello 2012, how are you? - Thanks for NOT remembering to wake me up.

No worries I guess. I’ll just have to make this the best year ever… starting now… 11 days late.

Big Thunder Bunny

A bittersweet day … it was the last of my two week vacation. But I finished with a bang – at the most magical place on earth. I went on my first roller coaster, and even videoed it! I also ate Mickey Mouse pancakes and met a guy named Goofy.

Pirates of the Haribbean! I mean... Caribbean? This ride was fun, but a little too musty for Bunny.

I got soaked on Splash Mountain. The critters inside were ... creepy ...

My favorite ... the wildest ride in the wilderness! - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Check out my video below!

I was tired after my roller coaster ride, so I thought I'd make some new friends. This is Goofy, and he had a funny laugh.

These two made it all happen... thanks for a good time dudes. I'll be back... for now, it's back to the real world. But no worries, there will be lots of adventures in the next week. I have important things to do and see. Like shopping for my Halloween costume!


Highway 1

Sequioa, Yosemite, and Redwoods were all great… but I was ready for some civilization and a shower. The drive down Highway 1 was incredible. I had never been so close to the ocean before, so this was a real treat. We drove all the way to Monterey Bay, spent the night, and woke up the next morning to go to the aquarium.

BEACH! My very first time. My bunny butt was sandy, but it didn't matter.

While driving through Leggett, CA, I thought it'd be cool to stop and drive through a tree... for $5? Not so much. Pass.

So pretty!

Here I am at the entrance to the aquarium.

Jellyfish! They looked like squishy glow sticks.

I found NEMO! He was camera shy, so he hid in the coral. Dory was in there too... she was a little more outgoing. See her? She's the little blue, black, and yellow fishy swimming at the top right.

Our conversation was short, but he was nice.

Everyone at the aquarium was really nice. Except this guy.

I’ll definitely be coming back to this place. Up next: DISNEYLAND!!!!!

Redwood National Forest

After 6 long, wonderful days in Yosemite, I was ready for a REAL meal. So, we spent the night in Sacramento before heading on over to the coast, and ate a wonderfully delicious meal at this place I saw on Man vs. Food. The next morning, we drove to Redwoods, set up camp, then went exploring.

Ah, a real meal. Jim Denny's Hamburgers in Sacramento, California... oddly known for their pancakes? Weird or not, this was one happy bunny.

A view of the whole forest.

I thought the trees in Sequoia were tall... check these ones out!

Welcome to Fern Canyon - a lush, narrow canyon walled with all types of fern. This was near the Praire Creek Campground at the beach. The coolest part of this whole place? Parts of Jurassic Park 2 were filmed here!

After a long day, I decided to make dinner for everyone... my specialty: chicken teriyaki. 1 of 5 prepackaged meal options for the entire trip. My second favorite? Mac n' cheese.

Tomorrow: drive down to the coast on Highway 1 all the way to Monterey Bay, where I get to go to an aquarium! My very first!