Home again home again… le sigh.

Welp, I’m home again. Just me and my Mimi, kickin’ it at the parents house until they get home from Tahoe in November-ish. Mimi keeps saying how much she loves living here rent free in this nice little remodel, but I just don’t get it. I miss Tahoe. I miss the 80 degree weather. I miss the free food. I miss the sleeping in. I miss just being a lazy bunny. Now, Mimi wakes my bunny butt up reeeeeeal early. 6am early! We go to the barn, we run errand after errand, blah blah blah. Then she goes home and just burrows her face in her computer screen doing whatever she does… making websites or some stupid junk, I’m not totally positive. At least my fluffy nugget of a friend Maggie May keeps me company.

Older women seem to be my style.


The Beard… wasn’t so feared.

Tonight, I was a lucky bunny. I went to see the Giants play the Mets at AT&T park with my Mimi. I dressed up as my favorite player, #38 – The Beard. Mimi strapped me to a big sign that she held up during the game. I felt like a bearded bunny badass.

My first time at AT&T!

I saw this sweet Willie Mays tribute statue.

We had great seats.

Here I am on my sign that Mimi holds up!

Let's go Giants let's go!

See the Coke bottle and Mitt? They were HUGE! Too big for Bunny.

I made a friend named Adam. He was nice enough to hold me up real high on my sign so Wilson could see me!

I had been waiting all night for this - do you see the resemblance?

Wilson didn't do too well, so Bochy took him out... I gave him some pointers after the game. I still had lots of fun even though the Giants didn't win.

A Cozy Night In.

After a long and gloomy day at the lake, a cozy night in was just what I needed. Mimi, Kiki, Sarah, and I cuddled up for sangrias, baseball, and a friendly game of Scrabble.

The evening started off with a game of Scrabble. I spelled the word "Zarf", for 48 points! (it's a metal cup to hold coffee? - thanks, Scrabble Dictionary).

Om nom nom... homemade sangria.

I sipped my sangria couch-side during the Giants game.

Mimi made a cobb salad for dinner... unfortunately, no carrots.

Do you think my bunny butt is as nice as Zito's? Oh, and Giants win, 6 to 3.

I REALLY Love Lucy.

Today was the final regional class. Lucy was good. Mimi was good. They were good together… bringin’ home the roses!

Mimi and Lucy heading to the warmup arena before their class.

Waiting for Mimi and Lucy to enter the show ring.

Here they are!

I'm watching the ringmaster put the roses on Lucy.

Number One.

Lucy was such a good girl after her class, Mimi let me give her a carrot.

I think Lucy got tired of me pretty quick... must have invaded her personal horse bubble or something.

But in the end, she gave me a big kiss before she got on the trailer to head back to AZ.

This is the man who hauls her alllll the way back home. His name is Mike. He promised to take good care of Lucy.

I Love Lucy.

I met Mimi’s horse, Lucy for the first time today. When we arrived in Santa Barbara, we went straight to the Earl Warren Show Grounds. Mimi had a lesson on Lucy, and then Mimi/Kiki and I went on an adventure around the town.


We said hello. It was either this... or sniffing her butt.

Before Mimi got on for her lesson, she let me hop on! SO HIGH UP!

This one was more my size.

After Mimi's lesson, we headed out to State Street in Downtown Santa Barbara. I made a friend - his name was ALSO Bunny!

Santa Barbara Marina.

While walking around the docks, we saw the fishermen pulling in their catch - Sea Urchins! Some guy picked one up, cracked it open, and slurped all the goop out. YEHCK!

We walked along the beach near the marina... I failed to see the warning.

Jurassic Park.

I get to go back to Tahoe! Yesssss. Can’t believe it’s been a year since my last visit. I made the long 14 hour drive once again, with Mimi and her Mommy. We broke the drive up a bit by spending a night in Palm Springs, California. It’s about 4 hours from Scottsdale, so it wasn’t that far for us. We spent the day shopping, eating, and bonding (with dinosaurs).

I thought you were dead?!

She sure was pretty.

She let me give her a foot rub.

I leave them in peace.

We were almost to the cabin... and to our surprise, when we came over Mt. Rose, this is what we saw! So much snow!

A Sunday Afternoon.

What a fun last day I had with the Nolan Fam. We went to Millenium Park, and stayed at a really fun hotel.

Mamma Nolan, Mimi, and I went to the Art Institute of Chicago. "I am proud".

The Pritzker Pavillion by Frank Gehry.

Me. With a Monet!

A Sunday Afternoon! by George Seurat.

Mayree, Mimi, and I stayed at this hotel for one night, compliments of Mamma Nolan. SO awesome.

We ate at Japanois in Downtown Chicago. This dish was called "The Rock". Dude, sweet.

I took this picture of Mayree and Mimi at Japanois.

The Windy Bunny.

It’s been a while since my last adventure, but boy am I looking forward to this one. I’m here visiting my friends in Winnetka, Illinois, which is just outside of Chicago. Mimi use to nanny for the three kids who live there now… they are still close friends, and they were nice enough to invite both of us out for a visit! Here are some of the things I did the first couple days.

I took this picture of Mimi and my new friends - Mayree and Carter.

They took me to see The Bean!

A view from the top of the Sears Tower.

This is the new glass ledge on the Sears Tower, where you can walk out, and look allllll the way down.

Mimi dared me to do it.

The Chicago Water Tower.