Yosemite Part 2

The next couple days on our hike were really cool. I saw big meadows, a huge waterfall, and had a really great view of Half Dome.

Goooood morning! Day 3 in Yosemite begins.

Goodbye Evelyn Lake, you sure were pretty.

A big meadow with lots of wildflowers just after Evelyn Lake. It was really cold up there... this was probably our highest altitude of the hike. I saw lots of deer, and marmots! I had never seen a marmot before... they look like a big, fat, overfed squirrel.

BIG waterfall... it looked like Yosemite had lots of rainfall this year.

I had an awesome view of Merced Lake and Half Dome on the way down to Echo Valley.

Mimi wanted ME to climb THIS?! It was a whooooole lot bigger up close than I thought.



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