Take Your Bunny to Work Day

I thought Mimi was kidding, but when she told me today was “Take Your Bunny to Work Day”. I was SO excited! She said lots of people had heard about me, and that they wanted to meet me – SO, they made up a special day just for this bunny right here. I made so many new friends, and learned lots of new things. Check it.

My arrival! Meet Ollie, their mascot. Pretty cute, huh?

This is where Mimi does all of her work. She let me process a few orders... she said my Photoshop skills could use a little work, but that I was the best processing bunny they ever saw.

Then Mimi took me for a tour around the building. First I met Carrie. Carrie taught Mimi all the important shtuff. Behind her is Emilio, he's nice too.

I also saw Ali! I've known Ali since the day I was purchased. She gave me a big hug.

I took a break from walkin' around and helped Mimi decorate for the desk decorating contest. And guess what?!

We Won! Must have been my bunny touch... or the robots. They weren't very nice to me. They kept giving me that... look.

Out of nowhere, I looked up and saw... a COW?! In the WORK ENVIRONMENT?! How unsanitary. I thought I should go inspect...

It was Santa Cow! And he was very clean. PLUS, he brought free food for all! He told me to be a good bunny and try to eat more chicken...

... so I did!

Mimi had a couple more people for me to meet. Claire and Gary. They have both been at Tiny Prints for a long time, and they each brought a friend for me to meet that day - Mr. Stay Puft and Darth Vader.

I tried to give the one on the left a hug before we said goodbye, but he recommended that a simple wave should suffice. He thought I'd get sticky. And the one on the right - was slightly monotone, and said something super creepy about him being my father? And he just wouldn't STOP saying it. I thanked Claire and Gary for the introductions, but not sure if these guys would be lasting friendships.

Farewell, Tiny Prints. Until next time.