A Sunday Afternoon.

What a fun last day I had with the Nolan Fam. We went to Millenium Park, and stayed at a really fun hotel.

Mamma Nolan, Mimi, and I went to the Art Institute of Chicago. "I am proud".

The Pritzker Pavillion by Frank Gehry.

Me. With a Monet!

A Sunday Afternoon! by George Seurat.

Mayree, Mimi, and I stayed at this hotel for one night, compliments of Mamma Nolan. SO awesome.

We ate at Japanois in Downtown Chicago. This dish was called "The Rock". Dude, sweet.

I took this picture of Mayree and Mimi at Japanois.


The Windy Bunny.

It’s been a while since my last adventure, but boy am I looking forward to this one. I’m here visiting my friends in Winnetka, Illinois, which is just outside of Chicago. Mimi use to nanny for the three kids who live there now… they are still close friends, and they were nice enough to invite both of us out for a visit! Here are some of the things I did the first couple days.

I took this picture of Mimi and my new friends - Mayree and Carter.

They took me to see The Bean!

A view from the top of the Sears Tower.

This is the new glass ledge on the Sears Tower, where you can walk out, and look allllll the way down.

Mimi dared me to do it.

The Chicago Water Tower.