Home again home again… le sigh.

Welp, I’m home again. Just me and my Mimi, kickin’ it at the parents house until they get home from Tahoe in November-ish. Mimi keeps saying how much she loves living here rent free in this nice little remodel, but I just don’t get it. I miss Tahoe. I miss the 80 degree weather. I miss the free food. I miss the sleeping in. I miss just being a lazy bunny. Now, Mimi wakes my bunny butt up reeeeeeal early. 6am early! We go to the barn, we run errand after errand, blah blah blah. Then she goes home and just burrows her face in her computer screen doing whatever she does… making websites or some stupid junk, I’m not totally positive. At least my fluffy nugget of a friend Maggie May keeps me company.

Older women seem to be my style.