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Hey there Bunny fans, kids, ladies and gents! I’m sorry I’ve been away for a couple of weeks – I’ve been such a busy bunny. More adventures coming soon! I’d like to ask you all what your favorite adventure has been so far – below are the links to a few of the most popular – so take a trip down memory lane, and then vote for your favorite!

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Pick a winner!


Bunny Day

I thought I heard something at my door...

I did I did! My good friend the Easter Bunny came! So nice of him to leave this for me.

I sure got some good stuff!

The best part? He left me a new friend.

A new BEST friend. I told this foil covered bunny I promised not to bite his head off. Yet.

Easter Bunny left me a really neat card too.

After I ate most of my candy, I decided I should dye some eggs. It's really simple - check it out!

I boiled my eggs the night before so they would be ready to go.

Then I plopped the drops of dye into mugs filled half way with water, and added a little white vinegar - this makes the color more vibrant.

Then I drop each egg into a pretty color of my choice for the next 5 minutes.

Trying to be patient.

Ta-dah! Some people like to get all fancy shmancy and do dots and stripes, but I like to keep it really simple. Soon it was time for me to get ready for the rest of the day's festivities. It was not a normal Easter for this bunny. Usually, I bake a BIG ham and just lounge around, but this year I did something different...

I went to a ballgame! It was Opening Weekend at Chase Field, and the Giants were there playing the home-team - the Diamondbacks.

I'd swap a ham for a hotdog any day. This was before the game started, with the roof closed. The video below is of the roof opening!

It was a great day.

Did you do anything totally awesome on your Easter?

Spring Training

I spent my Saturday at the Scottsdale Stadium cheering on my favorite team – the San Francisco Giants! It was a perfect day for spring training – about 80 degrees and full of sunshine. I could barely wait for the first crack of the bat!

Got my ticket! I'm alllll ready.

Look! A really big baseball!

Told ya - it was gorgeous out!

Look at all the people soakin' up the sun.

A few of my favorites are playing today - Sandoval, Belt, and Crawford!

We had GREAT seats! Check out the dude in the Sanchez uniform... imposter!

I grabbed a hot dog at the top of the 4th.

I almost couldn't eat it all. It was one big puppy.

Picked up a lemonade to wash down the dog from my favorite vendor, Derrick Moore.  "Lemonade, lemonade, just like Grandma made!" - he's been keepin' the fans full and happy for 17 years at the Scottsdale Stadium.

The highlight of my day? - The Beard! I was so close I could almost touch it! I hear there's some pretty cool stuff hidden there.

Until next year, Scottsdale Stadium.

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