Nature Bunny. Round 2.

I went hiking again today with my Mimi. We did a new hike… it’s just below where we hiked last time. But this time, we went allllll the way down to the bottom of Emerald Bay, and back up again! My little bunny feet were real tired this time. Check out the things I saw!

The Emerald Bay hike takes us down to the shoreline, as well as Vikingsholm - a 38 room Scandinavian mansion at the bottom of the bay.

It was really windy at the top. Way out there in the middle of the bay is Fannette Island - the only island in Lake Tahoe.

After a short, but very steep hike down, we made it to the bottom... do you see the island out there? It can only be reached by boat or swimming, neither of which I wanted to do.

Also at the end of the hike, I found the bottom of Eagle Falls. These come down all the way from Eagle Lake.

Vikingsholm was so... random?

38 rooms?! The lady who built this house must have been crazy... and maybe a little rich. I don't get how this house could have been so easily accesible back when she built it in 1929.

All done. My bunny butt better be nice and firm now from all that work back up. Bye bye Emerald Bay.

2 thoughts on “Nature Bunny. Round 2.

  1. So I was reading your older posts (having just discovered your blog) and I got to this one– which creeped me out a little… because I was totally riding my bicycle at Tahoe on July 17th. I rode right by on the road above Vikingsholm. The switchbacks were killer and the views awesome. Sometimes the world being small is comforting… other times… a little freaky.

    • Weird! Yes the hikes around Emerald Bay are all great. Have you been up to Eagle Lake? It’s my favorite. Easy day hike, and a treat at the end – a big lake to swim in! Great views of Lake Tahoe too. Thanks for checking me out! <3, Bunny.

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