My, what big trees you have!

So I began my two week long adventure, hopping around from one National Park to another.

My first, and “biggest” stop on the trip: Sequoia National Park – known as The Land of Giants. And boy they weren’t kidding – these trees are the worlds largest. Wait till’ you see what I found!

Almost to the big trees!

This is Sherman Tree - the largest!

I always thought I was a pretty decent sized bunny... until now.

Sitting in a cross section of a giant sequoia.

At the end of the Sherman Tree Trail, I saw a BEAR! A BIG, MEAN, MAN EATING BEAR! Okay, okay - he was a tiny, cute, harmless little black bear. But still, pretty cool?!

I could see Kings Canyon National Park from Sequoia.

Next stop, Yosemite!


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