Bunny at Barrett’s

I was one lucky bunny this weekend – Mimi’s Dad bought the three of us tickets to the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction! We spent the day checkin’ out fast cars, people watching, and basking in the sun. This auction was established in 1971, and is headquartered right here in my hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s held every January at Westworld, and takes place over nine days. I saw more than 1,000 collector automobiles, and almost 350 different vendors. We had a lot of fun – check it out!

Look at em' all!

They had slow ones ...

... and fast ones! A 1970 Mustang Custom Fastback - this little pony sold for 82k!

The thickest, fattest whitewalls I've ever seen.

A little more my speed...

... and a little more my size!

Who is THAT good lookin' guy?

The Yellow Submarine! Do you think the Beatles really fit in there ? ?

Not totally sure what this was - but Mimi's Dad (my Grandpa) said it was REALLY fast.

On the bidding floor.

Mimi said this was her favorite car at the whole show - a 62' Cadillac... she would have preferred a 59', but this would do.

I got to meet General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard! He's a 69' Dodge Charger, and was real feisty!

The colors were all so pretty.


Check this baby out. A 1954 Mercedes Gullwing - sold for 2.2 million!

Until next time, Westworld... I'll be back in a few weeks for the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. See ya real soon!


Food Truck Fail

Well, I was super disappointed with the Food Truck Festival right here in my hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. Maybe I expected too much? It really stunk… and I’m not usually so harsh, but MAN – I was one very unimpressed bunny.

Looks fun, right?

Then I saw this... over an hour per truck - and even when I was such a good bunny and waited so patiently in line, they ran out of food! So then I had to go stand in yet another line...

... and after ANOTHER hour went by...

... I finally devoured one bologna slider. It just wasn't enough. Don't get me wrong, it was amazingly good - but I just couldn't wait another hour for something else, something so tiny and unfulfilling. So I bailed, and since I was in the mood for greasy food, I headed on over to my favorite finger lickin' place in Tempe - Rock n' Roll Fingers. GO HERE - Why?

Because they have THIS. A delicious golden-fried, chicken tender sandwich nestled between two buttery pieces of texas toast.

Never again, Food Truck Fest.

Care to stop by?  See the menu for yourself!


Zzzzz ...

BEST sleep of my life. Dang, why do I feel so awesomely well rested?

It's JANUARY?! ... 11TH?!

OMG! I hibernated ALREADY?! I missed CHRISTMAS?! HANUKKAH?! KWANZA?! It’s all gone! Can’t believe I slept for so long!

Well, hello 2012, how are you? - Thanks for NOT remembering to wake me up.

No worries I guess. I’ll just have to make this the best year ever… starting now… 11 days late.