One Stuffed Bunny.

This is my third and most favorite Turkey Day, ever! It was also the first and last for some very unlucky bird… he died a quick, greasy, deep-fried death.

Look how nice! Mimi showed me how to set a table.

Forget the oven - Helloooooo deep fried turkey!

After that traumatizing comment, I decided to dive on in and enjoy some fine sangria while the turkey was busy frying.

I helped cook the green beans ...

I stirred the gravy ...

... and baked my Granny's special biscuits!

I felt like the turkey was taking forever ... so I hung out with this dude named Ralph.

I also took this guy for a spin while I was waiting around.

A few gallons of oil at 350 degrees for 45 minutes ... and poof - a delicious, golden, fried turkey (NOT bunny) ... hmph.


All the fixin's look mighty delish! A few of my favorites? The pretzel jello and squash salad.


One ... stuffed ... bunny ...


I’m Back!

I’ve been a busy bunny lately… going to work with Mimi, busy learning how to ride a horse, and gathering all the food for our Thanksgiving dinner night before last. I did most of the cooking! Can’t wait to show you – Turkey Day post coming soon!

The Great Bumpkin

A big Happy Halloween Thanks to all of my fans who voted for my costume this year! I couldn’t be more pleased – Mimi made it herself! The ladies love my new rags too… doesn’t do too much for my figure, but they don’t seem to mind.

Behold - The Great Bumpkin!

Can you find me?

I thought it would be nice to bond with the candy bowl.

Looks like someone spilled a box of Nerds... allow me to help.

Nom nom nom.

How much LONGER?!

Dutchman’s Trail – Superstition Wilderness

Entering Tonto National Forest - on my way to Dutchman's Trail

At the trailhead - the Superstition Mountains are pretty darn expansive. Hope I don't get lost.

Big mountain looks like a big petrified rock I have at home.

It didn't take me very long before I needed a break - it was hot! That pointy thing in the left of the photo is Miner's Needle - I'll be there soon!

I couldn't believe how many arms this Saguaro had... no hug from this big guy.

Made it!

It was so pretty, with so many Saguaros!

Here’s an aerial view of what I saw:

I stuck around for Sunset.

Bunnies and Bruschetta

I just got home from having lunch at this killer little place called Postinos not far from my house. I had been wanting to go here forever, and today was the day. The food here was so out of this world, that I fear Postinos has ruined me from all other places that sell bruschetta. It was just too, dang, good.

Can't wait!

Can't wait!

ALL wine by the glass is only $5 from 11am-5pm, everyday! I had trouble deciding what to have, but my waiter was more than happy to help me choose. I told her I'm a pinot grigio kinda rabbit, and about a minute later, she presented me with perfection. 

The menu is full of things to order - from raspberry chicken salad to grilled cheese, there is something for everyone. I opted for the bruschetta plate - for $12 you can pick from more than ten different kinds! I got two prosciutto with figs and marscapone, one roasted peppers with goat cheese, and one ricotta with dates and pistachios. ALL were nummy. A tip to all those who plan to come - this plate can definitely be shared between two people. It was a lot for me to eat alone. 

I really liked the bruschetta because of the way they served it soft and fresh instead of hard and crusty like most restaurants do. I was sad it was all gone... GO HERE. 

Want to check out the menu for yourself?

The Good, the Bad, and the Bunny

Bye bye Tahoe, it’s been swell…

It was just a real quick trip to the cabin before Mimi starts her new job at Tiny Prints next week. Neither of us wanted to leave. But, as always, the drive home is never too difficult, because it’s just so beautiful. From Tahoe, we always take 395 home. 395 borders the Eastern Sierra, so we pretty much drove along the backside of Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon National Parks for the majority of the drive. It really made me miss my National Parks trip from last month.

It was necessary to stick my head out the window for a better view.

But, Mimi let me pull over for a better photo. This is the backside of Mammoth, about 2 hours down on our drive.

I made some friends across from Lake Crowley.

Here is a video of me checking out what Yosemite looks like from the other side!

We stopped for lunch at my favorite bakery, ever - Schat's. This was in Bishop - right before you come to Kings Canyon. Before I went inside, I took a spin in the shop's delivery truck.

First, I ordered my sandwich - turkey and avocado. Why are the sandwiches so dang good? - because they are made with their very own "sheepherders bread" - which uses all natural ingredients: well water from the Sierras, and stone ground unbleached flour.

After I got my sandwich made, I picked out a loaf to take home to my friends.

Mmmm check out all the different kinds of pastries. My favorite? - their carrot shaped sugar cookies.

I got some to take home, too.

Ah, the simplicity of a good meal.

After I ate my sandwich, I concentrated on the view - this is behind Sequioa National Park, in the town of Independence.

Soon, the scenery faded into desert… the only thing missing? Clint Eastwood and a standoff.

I can never get enough of that scenery, but it was time to focus on the road ahead.


Welcome to the 10th Annual Oktoberfest at Squaw Valley USA – I witnessed traditional Bavarian music, ate a bratwurst piled high with sauerkraut, met folk dancers, and yes, drank wonderful beer.

The entrance to all things beer, bratwurst, and Bavarian. This was also where they checked my I.D. to make sure I was of Bunny drinking age.

This man presented me with a hug and a mug. His name was Hans.

After the yodeling contest, I filled my mug at the beer garden, where there were 20 some taps to choose from. I went with a Sierra Nevada Hefeweizen.

Joe Smiell and his 20 piece band! Can you see Joe? He



It's almost time!

I’m finally home from vacation, and I just realized… Halloween is only a month away! Do you know what that means? This bunny needs to start pickin’ out a costume!

I have lots and lots of ideas, maybe too many… that’s why I need your help deciding – pick me a winner!

Don’t see one you love? Leave me a comment to suggest another… remember, I’m slightly self conscious, so keep it classy.

Big Thunder Bunny

A bittersweet day … it was the last of my two week vacation. But I finished with a bang – at the most magical place on earth. I went on my first roller coaster, and even videoed it! I also ate Mickey Mouse pancakes and met a guy named Goofy.

Pirates of the Haribbean! I mean... Caribbean? This ride was fun, but a little too musty for Bunny.

I got soaked on Splash Mountain. The critters inside were ... creepy ...

My favorite ... the wildest ride in the wilderness! - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Check out my video below!

I was tired after my roller coaster ride, so I thought I'd make some new friends. This is Goofy, and he had a funny laugh.

These two made it all happen... thanks for a good time dudes. I'll be back... for now, it's back to the real world. But no worries, there will be lots of adventures in the next week. I have important things to do and see. Like shopping for my Halloween costume!