Big Thunder Bunny

A bittersweet day … it was the last of my two week vacation. But I finished with a bang – at the most magical place on earth. I went on my first roller coaster, and even videoed it! I also ate Mickey Mouse pancakes and met a guy named Goofy.

Pirates of the Haribbean! I mean... Caribbean? This ride was fun, but a little too musty for Bunny.

I got soaked on Splash Mountain. The critters inside were ... creepy ...

My favorite ... the wildest ride in the wilderness! - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Check out my video below!

I was tired after my roller coaster ride, so I thought I'd make some new friends. This is Goofy, and he had a funny laugh.

These two made it all happen... thanks for a good time dudes. I'll be back... for now, it's back to the real world. But no worries, there will be lots of adventures in the next week. I have important things to do and see. Like shopping for my Halloween costume!



10 thoughts on “Big Thunder Bunny

  1. Emily, you are genius for doing this! My sisters and I have loved stuffed animal bunnies since we were born (still do 26 years later) and this is just heartwarming. I’ll continue to check-in, so please continue to update 🙂

    • Thanks for checking us out! I’m so happy to hear you still have your bunnies… I too still sleep with a bunny (a different bunny than this one) and I’m 23. So glad this made you so happy! More updates soon… Bunny has to find a Halloween outfit! <3, Emily and Bunny.

  2. Nice to meet you Bunny, I am now a faithful follower.
    I really love your idea to make a blog following a stuffed animal- I still have my favorite small bear from childhood.

    This kinda reminds me of Misery Bear from youtube, but much happier and sweeter.

    • Nice to meet you, Chelsea! I’ve seen Misery Bear several times, and I am in a much better place than he. Hope you enjoy my posts… I wish Misery Bear could see me, maybe he’d be happier. <3, Bunny.

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