The Good, the Bad, and the Bunny

Bye bye Tahoe, it’s been swell…

It was just a real quick trip to the cabin before Mimi starts her new job at Tiny Prints next week. Neither of us wanted to leave. But, as always, the drive home is never too difficult, because it’s just so beautiful. From Tahoe, we always take 395 home. 395 borders the Eastern Sierra, so we pretty much drove along the backside of Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon National Parks for the majority of the drive. It really made me miss my National Parks trip from last month.

It was necessary to stick my head out the window for a better view.

But, Mimi let me pull over for a better photo. This is the backside of Mammoth, about 2 hours down on our drive.

I made some friends across from Lake Crowley.

Here is a video of me checking out what Yosemite looks like from the other side!

We stopped for lunch at my favorite bakery, ever - Schat's. This was in Bishop - right before you come to Kings Canyon. Before I went inside, I took a spin in the shop's delivery truck.

First, I ordered my sandwich - turkey and avocado. Why are the sandwiches so dang good? - because they are made with their very own "sheepherders bread" - which uses all natural ingredients: well water from the Sierras, and stone ground unbleached flour.

After I got my sandwich made, I picked out a loaf to take home to my friends.

Mmmm check out all the different kinds of pastries. My favorite? - their carrot shaped sugar cookies.

I got some to take home, too.

Ah, the simplicity of a good meal.

After I ate my sandwich, I concentrated on the view - this is behind Sequioa National Park, in the town of Independence.

Soon, the scenery faded into desert… the only thing missing? Clint Eastwood and a standoff.

I can never get enough of that scenery, but it was time to focus on the road ahead.


13 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, and the Bunny

  1. So glad to have stumbled on Bunny’s adventures!
    My husband and I travel with a mascot can of Spam (what can I say?–he’s Hawai’ian!)–but Spammy isn’t much of a writer. If we let him at the keyboard he just sends out… Oh, you already guessed. He sends Spam. 😉

    • I would LOVE to meet Spammy sometime. And I wouldn’t think he could type messages anyhoo – isn’t hard without any arms? He sounds so awesome, maybe he could just send them out through his mind…

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