One Stuffed Bunny.

This is my third and most favorite Turkey Day, ever! It was also the first and last for some very unlucky bird… he died a quick, greasy, deep-fried death.

Look how nice! Mimi showed me how to set a table.

Forget the oven - Helloooooo deep fried turkey!

After that traumatizing comment, I decided to dive on in and enjoy some fine sangria while the turkey was busy frying.

I helped cook the green beans ...

I stirred the gravy ...

... and baked my Granny's special biscuits!

I felt like the turkey was taking forever ... so I hung out with this dude named Ralph.

I also took this guy for a spin while I was waiting around.

A few gallons of oil at 350 degrees for 45 minutes ... and poof - a delicious, golden, fried turkey (NOT bunny) ... hmph.


All the fixin's look mighty delish! A few of my favorites? The pretzel jello and squash salad.


One ... stuffed ... bunny ...

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