The Great Bumpkin

A big Happy Halloween Thanks to all of my fans who voted for my costume this year! I couldn’t be more pleased – Mimi made it herself! The ladies love my new rags too… doesn’t do too much for my figure, but they don’t seem to mind.

Behold - The Great Bumpkin!

Can you find me?

I thought it would be nice to bond with the candy bowl.

Looks like someone spilled a box of Nerds... allow me to help.

Nom nom nom.

How much LONGER?!


14 thoughts on “The Great Bumpkin

  1. Mr. Safety says…”Don’t forget your glow stick and pepper spray. There are lots of candy swiping critters out there.”

  2. Hey bunny, that costume looks great. And you are obviously super helpful when it comes to candy. I may have a friend whose blog you might want to check out soon. He’s a “duck” (I respect his privacy). How do you feel about “ducks?” Just a teaser. Oddly enough he would have started a blog even if he hadn’t had the fortune of seeing yours– but he has told me that you are an inspiration to him.

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