Bunnies and Bruschetta

I just got home from having lunch at this killer little place called Postinos not far from my house. I had been wanting to go here forever, and today was the day. The food here was so out of this world, that I fear Postinos has ruined me from all other places that sell bruschetta. It was just too, dang, good.

Can't wait!

Can't wait!

ALL wine by the glass is only $5 from 11am-5pm, everyday! I had trouble deciding what to have, but my waiter was more than happy to help me choose. I told her I'm a pinot grigio kinda rabbit, and about a minute later, she presented me with perfection. 

The menu is full of things to order - from raspberry chicken salad to grilled cheese, there is something for everyone. I opted for the bruschetta plate - for $12 you can pick from more than ten different kinds! I got two prosciutto with figs and marscapone, one roasted peppers with goat cheese, and one ricotta with dates and pistachios. ALL were nummy. A tip to all those who plan to come - this plate can definitely be shared between two people. It was a lot for me to eat alone. 

I really liked the bruschetta because of the way they served it soft and fresh instead of hard and crusty like most restaurants do. I was sad it was all gone... GO HERE. 

Want to check out the menu for yourself?


8 thoughts on “Bunnies and Bruschetta

  1. When I saw “pinot grigio kind of rabbit” I totally expected you to have a picture of bunny chugging an entire bottle with wine all over its furry nose… Man, bunny is such a baller.

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