Dutchman’s Trail – Superstition Wilderness

Entering Tonto National Forest - on my way to Dutchman's Trail

At the trailhead - the Superstition Mountains are pretty darn expansive. Hope I don't get lost.

Big mountain looks like a big petrified rock I have at home.

It didn't take me very long before I needed a break - it was hot! That pointy thing in the left of the photo is Miner's Needle - I'll be there soon!

I couldn't believe how many arms this Saguaro had... no hug from this big guy.

Made it!

It was so pretty, with so many Saguaros!

Here’s an aerial view of what I saw:

I stuck around for Sunset.


9 thoughts on “Dutchman’s Trail – Superstition Wilderness

  1. Bunny, better belt up tight. Heck that looked rough! The ears were really bouncing. That is one good white knuckle Bunny grip on that wheel you must have had.

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