The Great Bumpkin

A big Happy Halloween Thanks to all of my fans who voted for my costume this year! I couldn’t be more pleased – Mimi made it herself! The ladies love my new rags too… doesn’t do too much for my figure, but they don’t seem to mind.

Behold - The Great Bumpkin!

Can you find me?

I thought it would be nice to bond with the candy bowl.

Looks like someone spilled a box of Nerds... allow me to help.

Nom nom nom.

How much LONGER?!



It's almost time!

I’m finally home from vacation, and I just realized… Halloween is only a month away! Do you know what that means? This bunny needs to start pickin’ out a costume!

I have lots and lots of ideas, maybe too many… that’s why I need your help deciding – pick me a winner!

Don’t see one you love? Leave me a comment to suggest another… remember, I’m slightly self conscious, so keep it classy.