Bunny Day

I thought I heard something at my door...

I did I did! My good friend the Easter Bunny came! So nice of him to leave this for me.

I sure got some good stuff!

The best part? He left me a new friend.

A new BEST friend. I told this foil covered bunny I promised not to bite his head off. Yet.

Easter Bunny left me a really neat card too.

After I ate most of my candy, I decided I should dye some eggs. It's really simple - check it out!

I boiled my eggs the night before so they would be ready to go.

Then I plopped the drops of dye into mugs filled half way with water, and added a little white vinegar - this makes the color more vibrant.

Then I drop each egg into a pretty color of my choice for the next 5 minutes.

Trying to be patient.

Ta-dah! Some people like to get all fancy shmancy and do dots and stripes, but I like to keep it really simple. Soon it was time for me to get ready for the rest of the day's festivities. It was not a normal Easter for this bunny. Usually, I bake a BIG ham and just lounge around, but this year I did something different...

I went to a ballgame! It was Opening Weekend at Chase Field, and the Giants were there playing the home-team - the Diamondbacks.

I'd swap a ham for a hotdog any day. This was before the game started, with the roof closed. The video below is of the roof opening!

It was a great day.

Did you do anything totally awesome on your Easter?


Spring Training

I spent my Saturday at the Scottsdale Stadium cheering on my favorite team – the San Francisco Giants! It was a perfect day for spring training – about 80 degrees and full of sunshine. I could barely wait for the first crack of the bat!

Got my ticket! I'm alllll ready.

Look! A really big baseball!

Told ya - it was gorgeous out!

Look at all the people soakin' up the sun.

A few of my favorites are playing today - Sandoval, Belt, and Crawford!

We had GREAT seats! Check out the dude in the Sanchez uniform... imposter!

I grabbed a hot dog at the top of the 4th.

I almost couldn't eat it all. It was one big puppy.

Picked up a lemonade to wash down the dog from my favorite vendor, Derrick Moore.  "Lemonade, lemonade, just like Grandma made!" - he's been keepin' the fans full and happy for 17 years at the Scottsdale Stadium.

The highlight of my day? - The Beard! I was so close I could almost touch it! I hear there's some pretty cool stuff hidden there.

Until next year, Scottsdale Stadium.

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A Weekend of Buns in the Sun

I hit the road this weekend for some fun in the sun and good eats over in Palm Springs – about a 4 hour drive from my doorstep. The weather was perfect, about 85 degrees and sunny! I just got my permit from the DMV last week, so Mimi let me practice on the freeway since there weren’t too many other cars around (not that that means she feared for the safety of others… just clarifying).

2012 is Arizona's 100th birthday, so the state put these pretty new signs up all over the freeway. Happy Birthday, Arizona!

Hay! Just like what Mimi feeds her horses!

Hellooooo Palm Springs, CA! I think I'm ready to retire.

I had one of the BEST appetizers of my life at Sullivan's Steakhouse on Paseo Drive - House made potato chips smothered in bleu cheese sauce and crumbles! I could tell the chef really took his time in preparing this for me, because there were layers after layers of blue cheese deliciousness!

After I woke up from my potato chip coma, I spent time catchin' some rays by the pool.

Aaahhh yes, the beauty... of my backside.

After I tanned my cheeks, I went to a yummy nummy breakfast! Keedy's is my favorite spot in Palm Springs for all things edible.

It's pretty tiny, but brings in all sorts of people for some dang good cookin'!

Hmmm what to order?

I settled on a breakfast sandwich...

... and the biggest stack of pancakes I ever did see.

It was a short but sweet trip. Until next time, Palm Springs!

Bunny of Arabia

I had been looking forward to this one for a loooong time. My Mimi says the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is practically like Christmas for her because she loves it that much. She has been competing here since 2001, but this was my first time, and I already can’t wait until February 2013!  I met cowboys, went shopping, and saw some of the world’s most beautiful Arabian horses.

This competition has been going on since 1955 and started with 50 horses. It has grown to nearly 2,500 horses bringing top owners, trainers and breeders from around the world. A win here can mean big money.

These are the pretty stall fronts that each stable builds for their barn or "team". They get pretty decked out, huh? It's not a bad view either - minus those fugly telephone wires.

This is my Mimi's barn - they already have so many ribbons!

I said hi to Lucy, one of Mimi's horses. We've met many times before. She was busy eating her lunch when I stopped by. Nom nom nom!

This is her new horse, Gambler! Hi Gambler! (this was our first meeting and he was really really nice) - they have already competed a few times this week, and did well. The championship is this evening!

After I said hi to all the horsies, I went for a ride in the golf cart. "Golf carts at a horse show?", you ask... yes! You wouldn't believe how many of these sweet rides cruise around the show grounds.

I drove myself right up to the food stands - and ate LOTS of it. Food at a horse show is oily, carbo-loaded flavors of awesomeness. Basically it's like eating at a state fair, but more... awesome?

I walked my lunch off in the vendor's tents... so many things to see! These are western outfits for the ladies, and totally decked out in bling.

This is The Hat Lady - where Mimi gets all of her hats shaped before her big rides.

The Hat Lady doesn't just sell hats - these are the sparkly pins that the girls put in their buns while showing. So many options! Mimi said I didn't have the fur to pull them off.

This booth sold a bunch of different bits - (the things you put in a horse's mouth to tell it where to go). Look at em' all!

On my way up to the show arena, I saw a cowboy workin' his caballo.

He let me come in the arena for a closer look. I saw a really big saddle with a horn - Mimi competes in the English divisions, not Western like this guy, but this stuff was still totally awesome.

The horses compete here in the Equidome - big, huh? There was also an outdoor arena, where they did most of the halter classes (kind of like a dog show - the horses aren't ridden, they're exhibited in hand) shown below.

I walked back to the barn to check on Mimi before her big class tonight. She was a little nervous, but said she was just really excited. I couldn’t wait to see her and Gambler compete! … and GUESS WHAT?!

THEY WON!!!!!!!! YAY MIMI!!!!!! I was such a proud little bunny!

Would you like to learn more about the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show? Click here.

A Busy Bunny!

Hi dudes, ladies, n’ kiddies! I’m sorry it’s been so long… I’ve just been such a busy bunny. It’s been a jam-packed February for me with baseball games, horse shows, and just plain old bein’ a bunny. New post soon! I’m off to Palm Springs for the weekend to get my tan on, but I’ll be back – with a beautifully bronzed bod to boot!

A Superstitious Bunny

It’s been a while since my last hike – my bunny buns needed some serious shaping! So I set off on the Siphon Draw trail in the Superstition Wilderness. It was a little  gloomy that day, and a bit chilly, but the beautiful 6 mile roundtrip was all still worth it.

Do you think that's really the Lost Dutchman himself? I like his burro.

Soon I'll be at the very top... okay, more like 3 hours from now, but I'll get there!

See that up there? That kind of dome lookin' thing? That's the Flat Iron - about 2 miles away.

This is the actual Siphon Draw... it was really slick since it had just rained. I only fell two or three times, but received one BIG bruise on my hiney. See the Flat Iron? I'm getting closer!

This is what I saw if I looked behind me on my hike... that's Apache Junction down there, and just West is Phoenix.

DONE. I have a whole new set of steel calves. The desert is so pretty after a recent rain.

I continued on up past the Flat Iron to the summit of the Superstition Mountains. It's really too bad it was so cloudy, because off in the distance you can see Four Peaks - my next big hike.

After the hike, I stopped at a ghost town! It was on the way out of the Superstition Wilderness, and is in fact known as "The Gateway to the Legendary Superstition Mountains". It was super random, but pretty fun.

A REAL SALOON! There were cowboys and cowgirls all over the place!

... and this guy... who was pretty disinterested in just about anything I had to say. Rude.


:o( I was a bad bad bunny!

Bunny at Barrett’s

I was one lucky bunny this weekend – Mimi’s Dad bought the three of us tickets to the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction! We spent the day checkin’ out fast cars, people watching, and basking in the sun. This auction was established in 1971, and is headquartered right here in my hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s held every January at Westworld, and takes place over nine days. I saw more than 1,000 collector automobiles, and almost 350 different vendors. We had a lot of fun – check it out!

Look at em' all!

They had slow ones ...

... and fast ones! A 1970 Mustang Custom Fastback - this little pony sold for 82k!

The thickest, fattest whitewalls I've ever seen.

A little more my speed...

... and a little more my size!

Who is THAT good lookin' guy?

The Yellow Submarine! Do you think the Beatles really fit in there ? ?

Not totally sure what this was - but Mimi's Dad (my Grandpa) said it was REALLY fast.

On the bidding floor.

Mimi said this was her favorite car at the whole show - a 62' Cadillac... she would have preferred a 59', but this would do.

I got to meet General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard! He's a 69' Dodge Charger, and was real feisty!

The colors were all so pretty.


Check this baby out. A 1954 Mercedes Gullwing - sold for 2.2 million!

Until next time, Westworld... I'll be back in a few weeks for the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. See ya real soon!

Food Truck Fail

Well, I was super disappointed with the Food Truck Festival right here in my hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. Maybe I expected too much? It really stunk… and I’m not usually so harsh, but MAN – I was one very unimpressed bunny.

Looks fun, right?

Then I saw this... over an hour per truck - and even when I was such a good bunny and waited so patiently in line, they ran out of food! So then I had to go stand in yet another line...

... and after ANOTHER hour went by...

... I finally devoured one bologna slider. It just wasn't enough. Don't get me wrong, it was amazingly good - but I just couldn't wait another hour for something else, something so tiny and unfulfilling. So I bailed, and since I was in the mood for greasy food, I headed on over to my favorite finger lickin' place in Tempe - Rock n' Roll Fingers. GO HERE - Why?

Because they have THIS. A delicious golden-fried, chicken tender sandwich nestled between two buttery pieces of texas toast.

Never again, Food Truck Fest.

Care to stop by?  See the menu for yourself!


Zzzzz ...

BEST sleep of my life. Dang, why do I feel so awesomely well rested?

It's JANUARY?! ... 11TH?!

OMG! I hibernated ALREADY?! I missed CHRISTMAS?! HANUKKAH?! KWANZA?! It’s all gone! Can’t believe I slept for so long!

Well, hello 2012, how are you? - Thanks for NOT remembering to wake me up.

No worries I guess. I’ll just have to make this the best year ever… starting now… 11 days late.

Take Your Bunny to Work Day

I thought Mimi was kidding, but when she told me today was “Take Your Bunny to Work Day”. I was SO excited! She said lots of people had heard about me, and that they wanted to meet me – SO, they made up a special day just for this bunny right here. I made so many new friends, and learned lots of new things. Check it.

My arrival! Meet Ollie, their mascot. Pretty cute, huh?

This is where Mimi does all of her work. She let me process a few orders... she said my Photoshop skills could use a little work, but that I was the best processing bunny they ever saw.

Then Mimi took me for a tour around the building. First I met Carrie. Carrie taught Mimi all the important shtuff. Behind her is Emilio, he's nice too.

I also saw Ali! I've known Ali since the day I was purchased. She gave me a big hug.

I took a break from walkin' around and helped Mimi decorate for the desk decorating contest. And guess what?!

We Won! Must have been my bunny touch... or the robots. They weren't very nice to me. They kept giving me that... look.

Out of nowhere, I looked up and saw... a COW?! In the WORK ENVIRONMENT?! How unsanitary. I thought I should go inspect...

It was Santa Cow! And he was very clean. PLUS, he brought free food for all! He told me to be a good bunny and try to eat more chicken...

... so I did!

Mimi had a couple more people for me to meet. Claire and Gary. They have both been at Tiny Prints for a long time, and they each brought a friend for me to meet that day - Mr. Stay Puft and Darth Vader.

I tried to give the one on the left a hug before we said goodbye, but he recommended that a simple wave should suffice. He thought I'd get sticky. And the one on the right - was slightly monotone, and said something super creepy about him being my father? And he just wouldn't STOP saying it. I thanked Claire and Gary for the introductions, but not sure if these guys would be lasting friendships.

Farewell, Tiny Prints. Until next time.