Redwood National Forest

After 6 long, wonderful days in Yosemite, I was ready for a REAL meal. So, we spent the night in Sacramento before heading on over to the coast, and ate a wonderfully delicious meal at this place I saw on Man vs. Food. The next morning, we drove to Redwoods, set up camp, then went exploring.

Ah, a real meal. Jim Denny's Hamburgers in Sacramento, California... oddly known for their pancakes? Weird or not, this was one happy bunny.

A view of the whole forest.

I thought the trees in Sequoia were tall... check these ones out!

Welcome to Fern Canyon - a lush, narrow canyon walled with all types of fern. This was near the Praire Creek Campground at the beach. The coolest part of this whole place? Parts of Jurassic Park 2 were filmed here!

After a long day, I decided to make dinner for everyone... my specialty: chicken teriyaki. 1 of 5 prepackaged meal options for the entire trip. My second favorite? Mac n' cheese.

Tomorrow: drive down to the coast on Highway 1 all the way to Monterey Bay, where I get to go to an aquarium! My very first!


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