Yosemite Part 1

These photos are from days 1 and 3 in Yosemite. When we arrived, we did a little sight seeing on the valley floor, then made our way to the backpackers camp where we set up tent for the night. We woke up real early the next morning to catch a bus up to Tuolomne Meadows, where we began our 5 day hike in the backcountry!

Entrance to Yosemite - you can see El Capitan on the left, Half Dome in the middle, and Bridal Veil Falls on the right.

We pulled over at Bridal Veil Falls to get a closer look.

I found Bambi in the parking lot at Curry Village.

The next morning: I really didn't have to hike much... usually I just hitched a ride in my Mimi's backpack. She was nice to let me come along.

About three miles out of Tuolomne Meadows. The river was so pretty, some parts of it even looked kinda tropical!

After 7 miles, we reached the last "uppety" part of the hike... then on down to Evelyn Lake, where we spent the night.

Evelyn Lake is off in the distance just below that mountain, but here is where we set up camp.

mmm teriyaki chicken for dinner! Wasn't too bad for a freeze dried meal.

It was a long day. night night!

All in all, a solid first two days. Probably the most difficult day of the whole 5 day hike was the second… we brought too much food, and couldn’t get the bear canister to close. Was also raining while we set up tent. Oh… and Mommy woke up in the middle of the night to what she thought was a bear. Not so much – just a permit tag swaying in the wind on the side of the tent. Silly Mimi.


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