A Weekend of Buns in the Sun

I hit the road this weekend for some fun in the sun and good eats over in Palm Springs – about a 4 hour drive from my doorstep. The weather was perfect, about 85 degrees and sunny! I just got my permit from the DMV last week, so Mimi let me practice on the freeway since there weren’t too many other cars around (not that that means she feared for the safety of others… just clarifying).

2012 is Arizona's 100th birthday, so the state put these pretty new signs up all over the freeway. Happy Birthday, Arizona!

Hay! Just like what Mimi feeds her horses!

Hellooooo Palm Springs, CA! I think I'm ready to retire.

I had one of the BEST appetizers of my life at Sullivan's Steakhouse on Paseo Drive - House made potato chips smothered in bleu cheese sauce and crumbles! I could tell the chef really took his time in preparing this for me, because there were layers after layers of blue cheese deliciousness!

After I woke up from my potato chip coma, I spent time catchin' some rays by the pool.

Aaahhh yes, the beauty... of my backside.

After I tanned my cheeks, I went to a yummy nummy breakfast! Keedy's is my favorite spot in Palm Springs for all things edible.

It's pretty tiny, but brings in all sorts of people for some dang good cookin'!

Hmmm what to order?

I settled on a breakfast sandwich...

... and the biggest stack of pancakes I ever did see.

It was a short but sweet trip. Until next time, Palm Springs!


10 thoughts on “A Weekend of Buns in the Sun

  1. Great adventure again so it seems.
    By the way did you know ‘radar love’ is a song of a Dutch band called golden earing.
    The Netherlands is the country next to Belgium (Antwerp is the where I was born) where I’m from.
    Now you’re an international known Bunny! Great isn’t it?

    Grz. Mark

    • Mark – Golden Earring is one of my Mimi’s favorite bands! She’s been a fan for a long time. And so so dang cool I’m Internationally known – I’ll have to work on getting a passport a.s.a.p.!

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