Zzzzz ...

BEST sleep of my life. Dang, why do I feel so awesomely well rested?

It's JANUARY?! ... 11TH?!

OMG! I hibernated ALREADY?! I missed CHRISTMAS?! HANUKKAH?! KWANZA?! It’s all gone! Can’t believe I slept for so long!

Well, hello 2012, how are you? - Thanks for NOT remembering to wake me up.

No worries I guess. I’ll just have to make this the best year ever… starting now… 11 days late.


15 thoughts on “January?!

  1. But now you’re well rested and can pull out all the stops celebration those precious last 11 days of the Year of The Rabbit, and really, isn’t that the most important holiday of all? Welcome back Bunny!

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