Spring Training

I spent my Saturday at the Scottsdale Stadium cheering on my favorite team – the San Francisco Giants! It was a perfect day for spring training – about 80 degrees and full of sunshine. I could barely wait for the first crack of the bat!

Got my ticket! I'm alllll ready.

Look! A really big baseball!

Told ya - it was gorgeous out!

Look at all the people soakin' up the sun.

A few of my favorites are playing today - Sandoval, Belt, and Crawford!

We had GREAT seats! Check out the dude in the Sanchez uniform... imposter!

I grabbed a hot dog at the top of the 4th.

I almost couldn't eat it all. It was one big puppy.

Picked up a lemonade to wash down the dog from my favorite vendor, Derrick Moore.  "Lemonade, lemonade, just like Grandma made!" - he's been keepin' the fans full and happy for 17 years at the Scottsdale Stadium.

The highlight of my day? - The Beard! I was so close I could almost touch it! I hear there's some pretty cool stuff hidden there.

Until next year, Scottsdale Stadium.

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Fear the Bunny.

Giants vs. Diamondbacks – Giants win 5 to 2.

My favorite, B-Dubb Wilson, kept my ninja-self on the edge of my seat during the bottom of the 9th. With Giants in 1st Place,  I thought I’d dress up to honor the bearded man himself… I look damn good.

I can smell a run from a carrot patch away.

Chuck Norris has been known to throw a baseball 100 mph. I've been known to throw Chuck Norris 100 mph.

See the resemblance?

There's just so much awesome on my face. Can you handle it?

I'm a certified ninja. It happend in a dream. Normally it takes a lifetime, but I did it in twelve minutes.