Food Truck Fail

Well, I was super disappointed with the Food Truck Festival right here in my hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. Maybe I expected too much? It really stunk… and I’m not usually so harsh, but MAN – I was one very unimpressed bunny.

Looks fun, right?

Then I saw this... over an hour per truck - and even when I was such a good bunny and waited so patiently in line, they ran out of food! So then I had to go stand in yet another line...

... and after ANOTHER hour went by...

... I finally devoured one bologna slider. It just wasn't enough. Don't get me wrong, it was amazingly good - but I just couldn't wait another hour for something else, something so tiny and unfulfilling. So I bailed, and since I was in the mood for greasy food, I headed on over to my favorite finger lickin' place in Tempe - Rock n' Roll Fingers. GO HERE - Why?

Because they have THIS. A delicious golden-fried, chicken tender sandwich nestled between two buttery pieces of texas toast.

Never again, Food Truck Fest.

Care to stop by?  See the menu for yourself!


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