All Aboard!

After a day in the city, I took the train back up to the cabin. What a ride!

Here I am at the Amtrak Station in Emeryville, which is just outside of Oakland. I took a bus from the city over to the station.

Here comes my train – the Zephyr #6. It goes all the way from the Bay Area to Chicago and back again.

I picked a good seat.

After the train started down the track, I roamed the different cars. There was a coach car, dining car, sleeper car, and the lounge car - where I am in this photo. The whole car was for sight seeing.

The train went by the Sacramento River down in the valley. I had really great views the whole way to Tahoe.

It was beautiful.

Right before we got to into the Tahoe area, I saw Donner Lake. There were so many different boats cruising around.

When I got off the train in Truckee, my Kiki was there to pick me up!


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