A Sticky 4th of July

I had an awesome 4th. Did you? Tell me what you did!

I went to the beach. This was my flair for the day. It was really spinny in the wind.

Friends! They were so cute.

Gettin’ my tan on.

I took my friend Barbie’s boat out for a spin.

Tahoe Vice, baby.

After the beach, I headed over to one of my favorite restaurants on the lake – Garwoods.

Thank goodness the 4th fell on my favorite day of the week.

This is the pier at Garwoods. So pretty.

It’s a good thing I walked.

Wet Woody Wednesday, here I come!

Numbero uno.



Tres and done.

I took a really long nap after my afternoon at Garwoods, I don’t know why I was so tired. I totally skipped dinner and went straight for the goods.


Perfectly crispy, just the way this bunny digs it.

Nom nom nom.

Happy sticky 4th of July to all!


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