Euro Bunny

Well guys, this is it. I will be on my way to Europe tomorrow morning for a little over two weeks! I’ll be busy hopping through Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and Italy. I can’t wait to share my adventures with you along the way – just don’t miss me too much though, okay? If you have any suggestions on nummy things to eat, or fun things to do, please comment and let me know. Ciao!



5 thoughts on “Euro Bunny

  1. This is absolutely adorable…you are in for the Best Bunny Adventure yet!!! You might even discover new bunny relatives….Enjoy every second…

  2. Enjoy Europe! I have no suggestions but letting your self treat like god in France.
    I’m sorry we won’t meat ’cause I myself will be in Portugal at that time.
    I’m pretty sure you will like Europe, or the small parts you will be visiting. 😉

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