One Krispy Bunny

Today, I was a bad bunny.  I made  a batch of Chocolate Rice Krispy Treats, and ate them all on my own. I totally forgot to share. They were just so freakin’ delicious, I couldn’t possibly think of anyone else’s tummy but my very own! One thing I will share – the scrumdiddlyumptious recipe:
  • 1.5 – 2 bags of mini marshmallows (depending on the maximum amount of mallow intake one can handle)
  • 10 cups Chocolate Krispies Cereal (or any kind you like! I’ve done it with Trix before too – a fruity gooey batch of awesomeness!)
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted

Instructions straight from the Bunny’s mouth:

Okay! I’ve got all my ingredients ready to go.

I was a good bunny and remembered to grease my pan – don’t forget!

Microwave the butter so it’s nice and soft.

Look at all these mallows!

Throw them in the microwave too – but be sure to keep an eye on em’ while they’re in there – you don’t want mallow overflow … or maybe you do. They sure get real big!

Dump your 10 cups of cereal into a really big bowl.

Add the butter and mallows to your cereal, and mix it up real good.

Then spread it all out, pat it flat down with a greased spatula, and throw it in the fridge for an hour or so to cool/harden.

Tadah! Perfect chocolatey squares! And please, be a better bunny than I was, and don’t forget to share.