The Oregon Trail

Tahoe has been amazing, but it was soon time to head north to Florence, Oregon to visit some of Mimi’s family. On the way, I saw some super random towns and sights. Check it out!

Rough and Ready? Who names their town Rough and Ready? Random.

Smartsville?! You human folk are weeeeeird.

LAMA! I guess Tina from Napoleon Dynamite found a new home in Smartsville…

Half way there! – Mt. Shasta.

Bye bye big mountain.


There were lots and lots!

This is my Mimi’s Aunt’s garden… so my great aunt, I guess? She had lots of nummy things… EXCEPT FREAKIN’ CARROTS.

Huh. Purple asparagus. This stuff was pretty neat, because after you cook it – it turns green. Magical asparagus.

Isn’t it pretty?!


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