An Officer and a Bunny

I made my way up to Lake Tahoe a couple of weeks ago along the 395. I always love the drive. The first four hours or so are pretty fugly, but after that, man it’s gorgeous. Mimi let me drive most of the way, and boy I am one heck of a driver for just a pint sized bunny. I always obey the law. Most of the time. Some of the time. Okay, not this time…

It was a bit of a squeeze in the VW Bug.

A few hours into the drive, this puppy pulled up behind me.

Aaaaand here it is. The winning ticket. Officer Rabe booked me. About 80 in a 65 – I had no idea! Promise! My little foot weighs a whole lot more than one would think. He was really nice though, and let me get this awesome photo with him.

After my ticket, my tummy was zxcrumbly and needed a little somethin'. So I stopped here at the

After my ticket, my tummy was grumbly and needed a little somethin’. This here’s the Whoa Nellie Deli – the most random joint on the 395. I’ve even seen it in Bon Appetit! It’s in a mini mart across from Mono Lake, right along the Tioga Pass over into Yosemite. The food was DELISH.

The best chicken salad wrap I could have asked for!

It was so pretty.

This is Mono Lake. Mimi drove the rest of the way… I was a little nervous after my ticket. Thanks Mimi.

We got in really really late that night, but it was all worth it knowing this would be my home for the next couple of weeks. I love you Tahoe.

I went for a walk since my legs were so stiff from the drive yesterday, and I saw this: sugar cones gettin’ ready to drop! I was just in time.

Man they sure looked mighty big this year.

That’s twice as long as me!

Happiest place on Earth.

Check out the Whoa Nellie Deli for yourself! –


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