Highway 1

Sequioa, Yosemite, and Redwoods were all great… but I was ready for some civilization and a shower. The drive down Highway 1 was incredible. I had never been so close to the ocean before, so this was a real treat. We drove all the way to Monterey Bay, spent the night, and woke up the next morning to go to the aquarium.

BEACH! My very first time. My bunny butt was sandy, but it didn't matter.

While driving through Leggett, CA, I thought it'd be cool to stop and drive through a tree... for $5? Not so much. Pass.

So pretty!

Here I am at the entrance to the aquarium.

Jellyfish! They looked like squishy glow sticks.

I found NEMO! He was camera shy, so he hid in the coral. Dory was in there too... she was a little more outgoing. See her? She's the little blue, black, and yellow fishy swimming at the top right.

Our conversation was short, but he was nice.

Everyone at the aquarium was really nice. Except this guy.

I’ll definitely be coming back to this place. Up next: DISNEYLAND!!!!!


11 thoughts on “Highway 1

  1. I really do love this work. i sent a link to a friend. She has a year old daughter, so you’ve given her the idea to take her little monkey with them to document their travels for her daughter. Wonderful!

  2. I’ve driven HWY 1 all through CA to OR and drove through the same tree!! Couldn’t believe there was a fee to do it but out in the middle of nowhere how do you NOT drive through it? Pretty great!

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