Pumpkins, Bacon, and Sally

This weekend was a lot of fun. I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch before, so I thought it was about time. The weather was perfect, and so much to do and see. It was called Vertuccio Farms down in Gilbert – only about 10 minutes from my house and I never knew it. Best of all? I think I found the love of my life.

So many things! Where to start?

The pumpkin patch of course! So many choices!

Wee-Be pumpkins were oh so cute, and just my size.

I had no idea a pumpkin was a pretty flower before it was a pumpkin!


After the pumpkin patch, I learned how to milk a cow.

A whopping 6 inches tall.

The corn maze looked so fun, but I was so scared I was gonna get lost!

Here I go…

This doesn’t seem so bad…


Ahh so pretty.

Well, I thought I was safe once I found my way out of the maze… maybe not.


Dirty bacon.

Hungry bacon.

Wet bacon… bacon swims?

Moo moo wasn’t quite as dirty… she didn’t look very milkable though like the other one.

He was really loud.

Is this really what I think it is?


Just when I thought my fellow bunny sighting couldn’t be topped, I met Sally. Sally was the cutest, friendliest, softest donkey (and only) I’ve ever met. I think I love you, Sally.


11 thoughts on “Pumpkins, Bacon, and Sally

  1. I LOVE your blog. I so look forward to it when I see it in my email. I could be having a terrible day, but when I see your blog in my email, I start smiling before I even open it. Thankyou!!!

    • Well, it’s safe to say, you just about made MY day. This bunny thanks you to the moon and back. You put quite the smile on my face as well – thanks for being so gosh darn loyal and sweet.

      <3, Bunny

  2. Dear Bunny,

    That donkey will never love you like I will… When I get a new camera I will show… And no, I am not related to Scuba Steve. Why does everyone keep asking me that.

    -Summit Steve

    -P.S.– don’t tell Soul Walker I used his account to comment on your blog… he gets really cranky about these things.

  3. Bunny! I love your photo captions – who knew bacon could swim? Looks like Sally was a sweetheart! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us:)

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